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Westgate terrorist attack & Battle of Najaf | Lorcan Byrne – PT Podcast #6

Lorcan Byrne is a former professional soldier and police officer with over 17 years combined experience in units such as the elite Parachute Regiment and the Irish Special Forces Tier 1 Unit the ARW and Irish National police force An Garda Siochana as well as a lifetime spent becoming a highly respected, accomplished and seasoned subject matter expert in the private security spectrum having gained first-hand experience and knowledge dealing with and managing responses on behalf of fortune 100 companies globally and their operations and responses during events such as the break out of civil war in South Sudan and the evacuation of hundreds of civilians from the Westgate mall terrorist attack in Nairobi 2013, to running for the Iraqi Special Forces and defending the Coalition Provisional Authority building from the onslaught of the Mahdi in An Najaf Iraq in 2004.

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