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America vs Japan: The Complete History Of WW2’s Pacific Theater | WWII In The Pacific | War Stories

Pearl Harbor – 00:00

The war in the pacific started in 1941 with a ruthless surprise attack on the American naval base at Pearl Harbor. This daring attack had caught America off guard and dragged them into the war against an enemy on the other side of the world. This explores the attack and the fatal consequences it had for the Japanese.

Island Hopping – 49:55

Explore the pivotal battles and ingenious tactics that defined General MacArthur’s island-hopping strategy, from the intense clashes on Guadalcanal to the relentless fighting in the Philippines. Delve deeper into the strategic brilliance behind America’s campaign in the Pacific.

The Atomic Bomb – 01:39:35

When America gained the upper hand in the Pacific, soldiers thought they were halfway to victory. They were wrong. The way that the Japanese forces fought only become harder to combat the closer the US got to Japan. Coming face to face with an that would fight fanatically to the last man and never surrender was no easy task.

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