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Robo-Airsoft: Pew Pew Time – OPFORer Things – Nightfall 11 Opfor Montage

It’s been a minute. Back with a montage of footage from this year’s Force Recon Challenge: Nightfall 11. It’s a 24-hr event where myself and our close circle of friends staffed the OpFor duties against Tan and Green.

Big shout out to Black Blitz for my brand new Gun of Robot 2, featured in this vid. Review for that very soon. Another shout out to OpFor Night Solutions for my BNVD 1431s and BCO LPMR, used in the night portions.

It was a blast to finally get back to recording footage. I’ll be back on the saddle soon.

Hope you enjoyed! Please let me know what you think in the comments below!

Hope you enjoyed!

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