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The US Army’s new Service Rifle – The SIG SPEAR / NGSW XM5

The SIG SPEAR has been selected as the US ’s new Service . Many people have tons of questions about the SIG SPEAR especially since it’s such a relatively new and in many ways traditional system compared to some of the other competitors in the NGSW. In today’s video we delve into the SIG SPEAR and this video will likely be the first of several that explore the new rifle of the US .

00:00 SIG SPEAR review begins
03:06 SIG SPEAR is now adopted
04:54 SIG SPEAR Ammunition is extremely capable
07:05 SIG SPEAR Suppressor
10:27 SIG SPEAR Handguard
14:00 SIG SPEAR Controls
15:59 Problems I foresee with the SIG SPEAR
19:57 SIG SPEAR Trigger
22:23 Final Thoughts on the SIG SPEAR

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