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Overcoming the Toxic Masculinity Crisis in America

On this episode of SDN, anchor Denny Chapman has an engaging conversation on the extreme lack of toxic masculinity that’s plaguing our younger generation.

Join Denny, Dave Kemp, and Jon Wheaton (from the Righteous Savages) to get their perspective on how we can overcome this problem that’s weakening our country. This phenomenon will have dire consequences in the not too distant future if we don’t take action to rectify it.

Beyond cultural rot, processed foods are full of chemicals and poisons that lower male production of testosterone. 20 year old males now have the testosterone level that 70 year old men had barely 20 years ago.

Soy is in the vast majority of processed foods and is one of the top causes of reduced testosterone. Hence the term "soy boy" which is an effeminate condition that manifest itself in soft and weak "skinny-fat" males.

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