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3 Days Solo Camping in the Rain – The Green Wood Fire

#bushcraft #camping #survival #asmr

and hiking for 3 days. Raining a lot and put in some real distance this time. The fire ravaged area in this season and weather sure brings a melancholic mood.

The green wood birch fire is super nice thing. The whole tree is processed down and cut to equal lengths. Then you stack everything parallel, as tight as possible, with the thickest logs at the bottom up to the smallest twigs on top. The bark is used as tinder to ignite the bundle of birch twigs. Use a stick to press down on the bundle as it burn to keep it compact. Heat will develop and green birch twigs burn fast like gasoline. Depending on the season and size of the tree a bit of help with dry wood can help the burn initially. A bigger tree contains more kindlings and do not need help from dry wood. After about 40 minutes will begin to seep out the end of the birch logs. After one hour the fire will burn on its own after you take some of the bottom end logs on the sides and move them up and place them over the heat core. Like you stack the fire once more making it narrower and higher. Then the magic happens. In the video you will see an example of it burning for one hour. It burns silent, no sparks, it burns for a very long time, giving heat evenly which makes all the difference for comfort. During the sequence you see in the video the logs hardly moved. Its like you are looking at a fire in a video game ;). IMO a thing of beauty.

Second fire was done in horrible conditions for fire. The absence of foliage made everything soaking wet all the way down to ground level. Normally you have to access the inside of dead standing logs by sawing and cutting them which takes a lot of your time and energy. Spruce roots are a better solution if you find them above ground. They burn hot and bright for a long time, thus also illuminating your campsite.

Played around with the mess kit m-45 this time. A great piece of gear but I never had it working well with coffee pots, the trangia for ex. So I tried two hacks this time to make it work. The last one was the most efficient but not so stable. It fell down a couple of times. The permanent solution requires the addition of a small piece of metal. Will present that in an upcoming video.

Thanks for watching!

The green wood birch demonstration in this video was harvested at home and brought to the location. Please follow the Swedish "Allemansrätt" when hiking and in Sweden. Leave no trace!

#bushcraft #camping #survival #asmr

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