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He’s Not So Innocent | Airsoft Apocalypse Rev 11 Ep 6 Swampsniper

The Apocalypse Survival role-play game at Ballahack Airsoft Field created by @swampsniper Monsters attack in this Fallout- like IRL Game. Enjoy Rev 11 Episode SIX.
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Like Fallout in real life, the world of rev takes it’s own form with over 1,000 players creating this post nuclear war scenario. The goal is to survive, get achievement coins for quests, and have fun. is just added to spice it up.

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Kermit the frog returns with other characters like Nash, skittles, the candyman and more. Creatures called hunters have entered ballahack to finish off making and rule the wasteland. Will humanity survive? Will swamp make it to end or perish? Can this sniper make it to the victory coin?

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Enjoy Movies and games like The last of us, mad max, metro, days gone, fallout, the division, book of Eli, and all this is post apocalypse survival? Rev at Ballahack field is an exciting open world event that puts you into a similar environment but in real life.

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HUGE THANKS for watching and making cool videos like this possible. Let me know what you thought in the comments below.

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I also announce the WINNER from my last swamp video somewhere in this episode.

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