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Gimme gimme gimme M/90 !

Zombie Survival Airsoft Challenge

Most people can’t . Zombie Apocalypse Event is a challenge to say the least. This is Z 4 at Ballahack Airsoft Field created by Swampsniper.

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This is the Worlds largest airsoft zombie survival event! I love creating adventure for players like my Revelations Post Apocalypse survival series, to my Wild West Airsoft Role-plays, to good old fashion zombie hunting. This is Z 4 Part One.

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Bonus points if you’re still reading this!
Comment: Oh they gonna die.

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I’m so thankful to give people adventure, community, escape, and story with my airsoft field, events, and now this channel.

Whatever you do in life, stay safe, enjoy it, be creative, and peace. – Swamp

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